What is true Custom
Custom fitting improves your game by creating golf clubs that are built for
your specific swing and style of play. I offer the finest custom fitted golf
clubs for golfers of all abilities.

I treat each customer, whether novice or scratch golfer, with the care and
individual attention they deserve. When you meet with me, I will start by
discussing your preferences and style of play. Then an analysis of your
current clubs will be performed using my state of
the art equipment. Your swing is measured and analysed by me who will
actually be assembling your clubs for you.

Finally, with my professional recommendations, you may select from among
thousands of club heads, shafts and grips that ether I carry or can order for you. I use
nothing but the finest components for your clubs, as
opposed to some of the other custom shops which specialize in cheap
The name on the end of the clubhead is what gets most of the
attention from most prospective golf club consumers, and that is exactly
what the "big name" golf companies want. They pay millions of dollars to
advertise their clubheads, including big endorsement contracts for touring
professionals to use their products. Notice I said "clubheads" and not
"clubs" in the previous sentence? That's because for the most part, the
aforementioned big name companies use the exact same brands of shafts
and grips that I use. These names include KBS, Mitsubishi Rayon, Royal
Precision, True Temper, Femco to name only a few. In fact, many of the big
name clubheads are manufactured in the same foundries as lesser-known
component companies. What's the difference? Ask me and I will go through it with you.
Even this name game is changing, as Wishon Golf Technoligies (one of the major
component suppliers to custom golf shops worldwide) has made some
familiar named components available to the custom shops.

After I have assembled your new custom fitted golf clubs, you will play
better, enjoy the game more and be ready to take the game seriously.

Custom Built vs Custom Fit - What is the difference?

Custom built is what original equipment manufacturers (Titleist, Mizuno,
Callaway, etc.) offer for custom clubs. They offer existing models that are
sold off the rack and build them to a limited number of “custom”
specifications, such as increasing or decreasing length, adjusting the lie
angle either flatter or more upright, increasing or decreasing the grip size,
allowing for a limited selection of custom shaft choices and flexes. They do
not “Blueprint” their clubs by; precisely measuring and aligning the spine of
the shafts for maximum performance and consistency, nor do they
frequency match shafts to exact flex frequencies to maintain consistent
distance gaps between clubs nor do they align the shafts for the perfect Flat
Line Oscillation position. In addition their fitting process is most often far
less thorough and exacting than a professional clubfitter.

However, for Custom Fit, I have a broad selection of professionally designed
proprietary Name Brand Custom Club heads, shafts and grips available, in
addition to nearly all the same items available to the OEM manufacturers to
perform a true custom fitting on a golfer. Over the years I have tested many
manufacturers and narrowed my selections to a group of manufacturers that
offer everything I need to fit nearly any gofer’s needs, but I have the broad
spectrum of shafts available to me if they are necessary. I have everything
from the finest Japanese forged blades to the most innovative high tech offerings
available today in custom golf equipment, including award winning designs.
One such designer, Tom Wishon, is the technical writer for Golf Digest
magazine and http://www.pga.com/ and has designed equipment for many
PGA golfers in including Payne Stewart. Tom’s designs have had many
victories on the PGA Tour.

I gather data about your golf swing and in addition I will test you using a
combination of “low tech” but proven techniques such as impact labels and
various test clubs made to varying lengths and swingweights. I will be
making measurements on swing speeds, swing tempo, face angle, shaft
loading, length, lie angle, grip size as well as analyzing your golf swing for
strengths and weaknesses that will affect your results. I will use this
information and the information I gather from our interview to determine one
of the most important things, the actual makeup of your set. What
combination of clubs (set make up) will allow you to play your best golf, 3 -
PW or maybe 4-SW, replacing your long irons with more woods or Hybrid
Irons, etc.

Only after analyzing all of your test data, and researching the various shaft
and head combinations I will build the clubs to the correct specifications for
your swing
See what Tom Wishon thinks custom
fitting is;
True Custom Fitting v's fitted off the rack;
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