A classic, heel-toe weighted design.

The SS5 is a modern spin on a classic
design. The head has a slight round look
at address and incorporates a longer
plumber style neck. This neck design
allows for less toe hang, which is
preferred by the more "straight back"
players. The SS5 features Bettinardi's
patented Tour F.I.T. face, which gives a
soft, yet solid feel at impact.
BB series were $359, now only $199. Save $160
Limited edition
Presidents Cup
Australian Putter
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Grant James, NZPGA AGCP
8 Komiatum St, Holsworthy 2173
NSW, Australia
phone; 02 8064 7573
cell; 04 3597 0177
Putter cover for the 2011 BB series.