Just a short note to let you know how happy I am with my new clubs; I am quite surprised the
difference they have made in my game!

Following your analysis of the changes need to accommodate my swing,  I have gained distance
and accuracy with all clubs particularly the driver!

As you are aware a number of my playing partners were quite dismayed at my improvement and I
understand one has already contact with you and should have his new clubs in a day or so.

Being a person interested in the technology of a golf club I came to you with a number of specific
requirements and was very pleased that during the club fitting component these were identified
and conveyed to me, not only in conversation but in the computer read-outs. The overall detail,
even down to the best ball to accommodate my swing has been of great benefit.

Once again thanks for making the whole process most enjoyable and I look forward to keeping in

Kind regards,

Geoff Fitzsimmons
Member Bankstown Golf Club, Sydney, Australia


After struggling for a number of years to play consistent golf, Grant and his
custom fitting have finally put all my demon golf thoughts to rest. I viewed custom
fitting as just a gimmick but as my game was getting worse not better, custom
fitting was about the only thing left I hadn’t tried. After making various calls to local
Pro’s I discovered it wasn’t a matter of picking up a phone and getting, not only
sound advice but actually someone who could competently fit shafts that could
change my game for the better. I was given Grants contact details & decided to
travel the 300kms (how desperate is that!!) to see if Grant could help my game. In
short the change in my game was instantly changed for the better. If you are
considering having your clubs custom fitted take my advice, do it, you won’t
believe the difference it makes and if you want the best don’t go past Grants
superb friendliness, patience and expertise, they are priceless."

Ross McLauchlan
New Zealand

" I first approached Grant on Queen's Birthday Weekend when we were playing in
a mixed foursomes matchplay tournament at the Whakatane Golf Course. At the
time we discussed a new set of clubs and what was involved in getting measured
and fitted with clubs to suit my game. I was impressed with Grant's manner and
approach. This was endorsed by a fellow club member who had purchased new
clubs from Grant earlier in the year. At the time I decided to hold fire and get back
to him as it was a big investment.

Subsequently, after two months of checking out other golf pros and
merchandisers I decided I would go back to Grant in Whakatane. On the day
concerned he began by questioning me about my golf history, what I wanted to
achieve with new clubs and what  preferences I had. We then proceeded to the
practice fairway where I hit balls with my old clubs and then a combination of
heads and shafts which Grant thought would suit my ability. After two hours we
came to a conclusion as to which heads suited which shaft that suited my style.
We then only had to decide on the mix of clubs I should have in the set.  Grant
suggested I should have a seven wood and two rescue irons in the set. Not
having played with either clubs I was a little apprehensive but
having since used them I can appreciate the suggestion. During the whole
process I found I could relate to Grant, understand what he was suggesting and
ultimately came
away satisfied with my purchase. I appreciated his patience and easy going
nature and would be happy to recommend  him to other fellow golfers."

Graham O'Dwyer
Waihi Golf Club
(Member since 1980)

I am enjoying my golf much more since I purchased clubs assembled and
exclusively tailored by Grant, to suit my individual requirements. Modern
technology and light materials make handling of the golf clubs easier and more
enjoyable. I definitely recommend Grant for this personal service and his golf

Ivy F Whyte

Id had enough, being laughed at because of my game and being a true kiwi male
I blamed it on my gear. It was time for action, I had always wanted a set of new
clubs and wanted to be the one who stands at the first tee and effortlessly sends
the ball off straight down the fairway200+ meters. But “golf lessons” how much of
a girl do you think I am?

I bit the bullet and saw Grant James the local Pro and asked what is a good set of
clubs going to set me back? “ As much as you are prepared to spend” was the
reply, I thought here we go off to the bank for a second mortgage. Then we got
down to it Grant explained to me the ins and outs of what club is good for what
reason, soon he had me out on the practice fairway and took a good look at my

Grant went about designing a set for me. Custom built, measuring the lengths, lie,
shafts and grips etc. The end product was an awesome set and a happy
customer. Like I said being a kiwi male I wanted a big driver, Grant set me up
with a few options, now I out drive the local driving range. How ever not over the
back fence.

When you buy a set from Grant he also offers a free lesson this is also what has
really helped me, Grant style is really down to earth and easy. He kept me
positive and wanting to play the game more and more.

I have had this set for about 3 months and have taken around 25 shots off my
average old score. The new clubs help but trust me it’s the lessons that have
made the real difference. Call in and see Grant at the Whakatane Golf Centre
and get swinging…

Ps for a little over $1500 I feel like a million dollars after each game, see you out

Ricky Bowen
Golf Doctor
Grant James
8 Komiatum St, Holsworthy 2173
NSW, Australia
phone; 02 8064 7573
cell; 04 3597 0177